I am so blessed.  I’ve got the best patients, my staff is awesome and I am fortunate to work with some talented laboratories and specialists.

The case I am showing you today exemplifies the importance of the teamwork that is necessary for a stellar treatment result.

Congenitally missing front tooth

Congenitally missing front tooth

This teen patient initially presented with mal-aligned teeth and a missing lateral incisor tooth (the tooth next to the two front teeth).  The tooth was congenitally missing, which means it never formed in the jaw.  For this case, a dental implant was a great option to replace the missing tooth but long before the crown was placed, it was up to the specialists to “set the stage”.

A beautiful and natural looking implant crown

A beautiful and natural looking implant crown

We consider this area of the mouth to be in the “esthetic zone” where appearance is very important.  Thus, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure the replacement tooth would appear natural in position, shape and color.

Teeth that are properly aligned by the orthodontist and dental implants that are properly placed by the surgeon gives the general dentist the best chance to place a crown that is of natural shape – height and width.  All along the way, the orthodontist, the surgeon and the general dentist must keep in mind what it will eventually look like when the missing tooth is eventually replaced.
For example, if the orthodontist does not create enough space, there may not be enough room to place the implant or the replacement crown may appear too narrow.  On the other hand, too much space and the subsequent replacement tooth may appear too wide and very unnatural.

As I have come to expect with the specialists I work with, the stage was set as perfectly as the clinical situation would allow.

Now it was up to us to bring it all home by creating a natural looking crown.  For this case we used our CEREC CAD/CAM one-visit crown technology to make the crown.  In the right hands, this technology can shine when esthetics is important because I can use various colorants and stain to customize the crown to match the adjacent teeth – and we do this right in our office.  While matching a single front tooth to the adjacent natural teeth is one of the more difficult things to do in dentistry, I have come to enjoy the process.

As a team, we wound up hitting a home run with this case.  The crown looks like a natural tooth and not like – well, a crown!  The patient was very happy and can now smile with confidence.

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