Having been a dentist for over 25 years, Dr. Richard Van Gurp is often reminded that the decisions patients make regarding dental treatment directly impacts the quality of their lives.

Broken teeth and gum disease almost cost this patient the hopes for a natural smile.

Broken teeth and gum disease almost cost this patient the hopes for a natural smile.

A healthy mouth and an attractive smile can have ramifications far beyond just “saving teeth”. 

Case in point, Dr. Van Gurp helped this patient several years ago.  He came to Van Gurp Dentistry with some complicated dental problems.  Because of his bite, he had a tendency towards wearing down and breaking teeth.


But this patient’s problems were much deeper than his dental issues.  He was having a hard time finding a job and really getting frustrated.  He had several interviews but no success in landing a job.  He felt qualified and thought he had done everything he could until one day he looked in the mirror and the true condition of his mouth dawned on him.

In the business world, appearances count.  A study conducted by a college career planning and placement center indicated that the number one reason why an applicant was rejected after the first interview was personal appearance.  Along with one’s manner of dress and posture, personal appearance especially includes the face and the smile.  It’s the area that most interviewers are going to focus on as they ask questions.

The patient's desire for a very bright smile was fulfilled by Dr. Richard Van Gurp

The patient’s desire for a very bright smile was fulfilled by Dr. Richard Van Gurp

This was a complicated case that requires advanced training on the part of the dentist.  Fortunately for the patient, Dr. Richard Van Gurp has had such training.  If the patient had waited much longer, his treatment plan would have involved numerous extractions and likely dentures.

After listening to his concerns and what he wanted to see as an end result, the patient’s mouth was restored.  As you can see in the photos, he wanted a big and very bright smile.  It paid off.   At his next hygiene appointment, he came in beaming.  Something was up and I could tell he was anxious to fill in Dr. Van Gurp and his staff.

He had recently interviewed for and been offered what he envisioned as his ideal job.  The position included traveling around the country — something he had always wanted to do.  Would he have been offered the job if he hadn’t fixed his teeth first?  Maybe.  But one can be assured that the person who interviewed for the job was far different and more confident than the same person with worn and broken teeth.

Improving one’s appearance may not be as drastic as it was with this patient, but it can make the difference when it matters most.

If you would like to discuss your concerns and options to improve the health and appearance of your smile, please give Van Gurp Dentistry a call at 704-542-2884.

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