Teeth grinding caused by an uneven bite, missing teeth or improperly aligned teeth can cause a multitude of dental problems.  Wearing down of your teeth, sensitive or sore teeth, cracks in teeth, gum recession, painful and /or clicking jaw joints and even headaches can all result from teeth grinding caused by an imbalance in your bite.  Often times, patients complain of sore jaw muscles or a headache when awakening in the morning.   One’s appearance can also be compromised as the teeth can appear flat and aged.

Dr. Richard Van Gurp is a dentist in Charlotte, NC who is highly trained and skilled in the evaluation and treatment of patients who are having issues with teeth grinding.  This can be caused by an imbalance in one’s bite.  Dr. Van Gurp often compares an imbalanced bite to a set of imbalanced tires on a car.  The tires may seem to work fine but will wear out at an accelerated rate and need replacing much quicker than a good set of balanced tires.

Recognizing an imbalanced bite as early as possible will help prevent premature aging of your teeth and costly repairs.  Dr. Richard Van Gurp always starts with a careful evaluation of your bite to determine the cause of the imbalance.  He will also provide the information you need to make sound decisions regarding treatment.  Finally, it is important for you to know what future impact your bite imbalance can have on your teeth and jaw joints.

Treating teeth grinding issues often involves synchronizing the bite with the proper and healthy position of the jaw joints.  Depending on the severity of the problem, there are a wide range of treatments to correct a bite that is not in balance.  Only through a proper examination can an experienced and knowledgeable dentist such as Dr. Richard Van Gurp make suitable treatment recommendations to correct this type of dental problem.

Dr. Richard Van Gurp has shown many times that a harmonious bite has long term benefits.  Usually the jaw muscles that are involved in grinding of the teeth tend to relax thus decreasing the likelihood of further teeth grinding.  The bite tends to feel more “comfortable”.  If you have noticed that your teeth are wearing down, breaking or if you have lost teeth, give Van Gurp Dentistry a call at 704-542-2884.  It may just be your bite!

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