Keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible is not only important for better long term oral health, it enables patients to maintain a good quality of life too!

Lost teeth and poor dental health can lead to general health problems and changes in social and dietary problems down the road. Charlotte dentist Dr. Van Gurp provides cosmetic dental services that can both restore or maintain oral health while giving you back your youthful smile- or the smile you have always wanted!

A recent case involved a patient who had several dental health issues to correct and wanted to straighten and whiten her teeth. Dr. Van Gurp takes a comprehensive approach to all dental procedures, including cosmetic, with the overall goal of providing the results a client is desiring using dentistry that also addresses any underlying bite problems that could affect the longevity of the final outcome.

A case study in mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Van Gurp has extensive post graduate training in both cosmetic dentistry and bite disorders as well as years of experience successfully treating patients with complex dental problems. After a thorough exam, Dr. Van Gurp will meet with a patient to discuss a recommended plan of treatment addressing dental health issues and the cosmetic desires of the patient.

In this particular case the following procedures were used to correct and enhance the patient’s smile:

  • orthodontics: straightening the lower teeth balanced the bite and also brought back a more youthful appearance to the smile
  • crowns: new crowns were placed to brighten the teeth and complete the smile makeover part of the process.

Here are the results:

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