From the desk of Dr. Van Gurp:

For the meticulous dentist, protecting your dentistry starts at the examination appointment. That’s right. Prior to any definitive dentistry, whether it’s crowns, veneers or fillings, steps should be taken to evaluate what can be done to protect any dentistry you are considering.

Concerned about her front teeth wearing down and chipping, this patient came to us with the hopes that we could improve her smile. Our examination indeed showed that she was causing a considerable amount of damage to her teeth. An important part of the examination process was to determine the cause of the problems in the first place and controlling those issues before proceeding with definitive treatment. I completely agreed with the patient that if we did not address the underlying cause of the problem first, she would risk damaging her new dentistry in the same way that she damaged her natural teeth.

We want our patients to not only be happy with their new smile in the short term but for many years to come!

Having had significant post-graduate training regarding the details of a proper and healthy bite, I was able to detect and then correct imbalances in her bite, which had led to her significant teeth grinding habit. After some in depth discussion regarding her priorities and what she wanted her new smile to look like, we developed a game plan to suit her needs and desires. At the completion of treatment, she had a bite that was very comfortable and a smile she was happy with as well.

If your teeth are wearing down or chipping and you want the best possible chance to make your dentistry last, give our office a call.

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