Choosing a dentist can often be challenging, especially if you have complex dental problems that need to be addressed. While many people will consider location and insurance benefits when looking for the right dentist, education, experience and credentials should be an important part of the decision. At some point in their lives, many patients either need or desire a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure and the choice of dentist may have a direct affect on long term results.

Charlotte dentist Dr. Richard Van Gurp has over 25 years of experience and has devoted countless hours to continuing education in his field in order to be accepted into some of the most prestigious dental associations and to provide his patients with high quality dentistry and comfortable, lasting results. Dr. Van Gurp believes it is important to address underlying dental problems and ensure that there is balance in the bite to prevent additional problems from developing down the road.Charlotte Dentist Dr. Richard Van Gurp

A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. Van Gurp is committed to learning about the latest technologies and techniques and incorporating them into his Charlotte Dentist office.

The testimonials of his patients say it best…

“Cosmetic dentistry has been an investment in me with rewards that go far beyond the cost. Dr. Van Gurp is an artist in the field of cosmetic dentistry. With state of the art equipment and the latest technology, my smile is something that makes me proud. No detail was overlooked and the level of personal attention he gave me was great! Dr. Van Gurp is a kind and compassionate man who cares about you as an individual. The staff shares his commitment and professionalism, giving one hundred percent to every patient.”

Beth S.

“From the time I entered your office to when I finished my treatment, the health and look of my teeth made a 180 degree turn for the better. Not only did you and your staff nurse my teeth and gums back to health, but you gave me an awesome smile that makes me proud. It was worth it driving from Georgia to come to your office. Dr. Van Gurp, I can’t thank you enough!”

Jimmy R.

“Having been retired for several years, I am amazed at the technological advances that have taken place in dentistry. Your willingness to stay current in the profession and embrace these positive changes sets you apart as a leader in the profession and gives you the opportunity to provide your patients, including myself, with the best dentistry available.”

William P., DDS (Dentist)

Your smile is part of who you are and is often what people may remember most about you! Dr. Van Gurp will be a partner in your dental care and help you maintain or enhance your natural smile.

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