ThinkstockPhotos-178486646The market is saturated with oral health products, but consumers should know that not all oral hygiene products are equal in quality and effectiveness. Some may find it overwhelming to determine which oral hygiene products will “say what they do and do what they say”.

You may have chosen ADA member dentist, Dr. Richard Van Gurp, for his compassionate work ethic and dedication to high ADA standards. Maintain your smile with the same quality oral hygiene products. Charlotte, NC Dr. Van Gurp may recommend dental hygiene products with the ADA seal to help supplement your regular dentist office visits. Dr. Van Gurp encourages you to reach out our dentist office with any questions regarding which products are best for your personal oral health concerns.

Not for purchase, the ADA seal must be earned by companies that adhere to the strict ADA product guidelines. The ADA requires oral hygiene product manufacturers to go exceed the standards for effectiveness and safety required by law. The ADA puts every oral hygiene product under rigorous scientific testing before awarding it the ADA seal. The ADA Seal is not an endorsement, and the ADA receives no profit from distributing the seal. The seal is strictly used to inform consumers that the products they choose are effective and safe.

Informed consumers can make better purchasing decisions. The ADA offers a free product list of dental health items that have the ADA seal. Reviewing the list before shopping can help you navigate those isles of different toothbrushes, toothpastes and countless different floss styles. Compare products and talk to Dr. Van Gurp about what dental procedures and products are right for you and your family’s oral health goals.

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