ThinkstockPhotos-101839034An aesthetically pleasing smile is frequently a healthy smile. Cosmetic dentistry can not only give you a smile you feel proud of it can also restore its function and health, enabling you to feel confident when you smile. A beautiful, healthy smile has also been shown to benefit your professional interactions.

Charlotte cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Van Gurp offers dental treatments that may take years off your smile and give you back the confidence to share it each day both socially and professionally.

Dr. Van Gurp is a highly educated and AACD accredited cosmetic dentist who puts patients at ease and offers attentive and complete dentistry. Dr. Van Gurp will spend time listening to your oral health concerns and your cosmetic goals to develop a comprehensive and conservative dental treatment plan. Our goal is to build a healthy, natural looking smile that will support your long term dental health.

Whether you are looking for a quick refresher or a total smile makeover, Dr. Van Gurp and our Charlotte dental care team can help you achieve your cosmetic dental goals.

Smile Makeover Charlotte NC

Porcelain veneers: Using state of the art CEREC dental technology, Dr. Van Gurp offers patients convenient same day dental veneers. Many patients can now get permanent veneers in just one visit to your Charlotte dentist office. Porcelain veneers can correct a whole list of dental concerns including chips, cracks, tooth discoloration, or gaps.

KöR Teeth Whitening: KöR is a highly sought after whitening treatment plan. KöR has been effective at whitening bleach resistant tooth stains. KöR is a custom fit dental tray whitening system. Trays will be custom made by Dr. Van Gurp and you will apply the trays at home while you sleep. Teeth whitening is a minimally invasive cosmetic dental procedure that can take years off of your smile in just a few weeks.

Tooth bonding: Quick and affordable, tooth bonding can fix minor cracks, chips or gaps in your teeth. For an economical cosmetic fix, ask Dr. Van Gurp about bonding. Usually complete in one visit to our Charlotte dentist office, bonding can to restore your desired aesthetics to your smile.

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If you are ready to take years off your smile schedule a visit to our Charlotte, NC dentist office. Dr. Van Gurp will help to educate you on all of the cosmetic treatments available that will help you meet your personal aesthetic goals.

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