bad breathBad breath can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Charlotte, NC family dentist Dr. Van Gurp has some suggestions for combating persistent bad breath and improving your overall oral health.

Combat Bad Breath

  • Stay Hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can help to wash away odor causing bacteria. Having a moist mouth helps your body produce saliva. Saliva keeps your oral bacteria in check. Staying hydrated also helps to avoid dry mouth that could lead to tooth decay.
  • Brush Your Tongue. Brush twice a day for two solid minutes, and do not forget to brush your tongue. Your tongue is a hotbed for amino acid and bacteria growth which emits unpleasant smells. Brushing your tongue can help keep this smell under control.
  • Eat Well.Foods like dark green vegetables, low fat proteins, and fruits and nuts are great for your oral health, and your overall health. Avoid foods high in sugar or acidity. Sugar leads to tooth decay and highly acidic foods can erode enamel.
  • Eat some Parsley, or Fennel. This may seem funny, but it is true! Parsley and fennel are traditional ways of combating bad breath. This folk remedy can help keep your breath fresh!
  • Quit Smoking. Tobacco smoke smells. If you are smoker your mouth may smell like the smoke which can be unattractive to many people. Smoking also puts you at higher risk for developing gum disease and tooth decay, both of which cause bad breath.
  • Visit The Dentist! Bad breath that does not go away may be a warning sign that you are developing a more serious dental health concern. If brushing, flossing,and swishing do not eradicate your bad breath, be sure to schedule an appointment in our Charlotte dentist office. The earlier Dr. Van Gurp can catch common dental health concerns, the more conservatively and effectively he can treat them. Consistent bad breath may be an indicator of tooth decay , gum disease, or a condition called dry mouth.

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