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Dr. Richard Van Gurp

“I truly love what I do. It’s very rewarding to make a difference in the health and confidence of another person. While I am grateful for the professional recognition I have received, my greatest source of joy is the wonderful life I have with my family.

“I am so blessed to be married to my wife, Amy. Her energy is endless in balancing family, work and play. Our three children monopolize our time − and we wouldn’t want it any other way! They brighten each of our days and like most parents feel about their children – they grow up too fast!

“Family and fitness are integral parts of creating that balance in life which makes me a better dentist. Triathlons are a great outlet for me. As a youngster, I swam competitively and ran endurance events including marathons. By adding cycling to the mix, triathlons just made sense. It’s a real commitment to train for three sports, but I enjoy it immensely.

“Amy and I enjoy cheering each other on in the triathlons and half-marathons that we enter. Our most vocal cheers however, are saved for our beautiful children, who are also actively involved with athletics.

“Having a terrific family motivates me to share my blessing with others. ‘Give Back a Smile’ restores the smiles to victims of domestic violence, and the Dental Bus, offers oral health care to the less fortunate. Bridgework, porcelain veneers, crowns can be life changing and I am just grateful to be a part of that.”

Charlotte Dentist Richard Van Gurp, DDS

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We are proud to announce that Dr. Richard W. Vangurp, DDS was awarded the 2015 Dentistry Charlotte Patients' Choice Award.
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