Richard Van Gurp, DDS is a family dentist in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team is led by local dentist Dr. Van Gurp. We welcome adults as well as children with a wide range of dental treatments and services.

Friendly, Family Dentistry in Charlotte

Charlotte Dentist Richard Van Gurp, DDSPatients choose Dr. Van Gurp in Charlotte, NC because of our caring, personalized approach. We believe that each patient should be an active participant in their dental health decisions. Dr. Van Gurp meets each individual patient and takes time to listen to their needs and goals. Our patients are educated and involved throughout the entire process. This level of collaboration between patient and dentist allows us to help our patients make the best decisions for their long-term dental health and happiness.

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Dr. Van Gurp goes beyond the basics, to provide patients with comprehensive examinations and the latest in esthetic, restorative and implant dentistry.

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Whether you want to find a local dentist in Charlotte for general dentistry or need an experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist, you can find it all with Dr. Richard Van Gurp. Call today for your consultation 704.209.9606 or schedule an appointment online.

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We are proud to announce that Dr. Richard W. Vangurp, DDS was awarded the 2015 Dentistry Charlotte Patients' Choice Award.
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