Invisalign for Straighter Teeth

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.46.14 PMIf you want a straighter, more beautiful smile, but are too embarrassed by the thought of getting metal braces as an adult, Dr. Richard Van Gurp may have a solution for you. Invisalign clear aligners offer adult and teen patients a discreet way to straighten crooked teeth.

The Facts About Invisalign

Invisalign is a safe and discreet way to comfortably and gradually realign teeth. Invisalign offers many oral health benefits over traditional metal braces and can correct a range of orthodontic concerns.

Invisalign Can Correct:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Spaced Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth

The Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Clear & Discreet
  • Removable: Do not restrict diet
  • Removable: Can practice good oral hygiene
  • Will not irritate soft tissues
  • Fewer visits to dentist

How Invisalign Works:

Invisalign straightens teeth with a series of custom designed clear plastic aligners. Dr. Van Gurp will take molds of your teeth and use state-of-the-art 3-D technology to design your series of aligners. Each set of aligners will be worn for a predetermined amount of time depending on your personal orthodontic needs. Aligners are barely visible and many people will not even know you are wearing them. Aligners should be worn for about 22 hours a day but can be removed for eating and brushing.

Why It’s Important to Straighten Teeth as an Adult:

It is important to straighten teeth at any age. Even as an adult, it is never too late to realign your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean, cause less damage to other teeth, and can reduce TMJ problems. Crooked teeth are commonly a factor in an increase of tooth decay, TMJ and gum disease. Straightening your teeth can also improve your self-confidence. Patients with straighter teeth are more willing to share their smile and may enjoy a better quality of life.

How To Get Invisalign:

Contact our Charlotte NC dentist office or schedule your consultation online to learn more about how Invisalign can help improve your oral health!