Solutions For Damaged Teeth

Tooth damage can happen to any patient. Whether you tooth damaged is caused by poor oral hygiene, trauma, or a complex dental issue, our Charlotte, NC  dental office has solutions for you. With over 25 years of dentistry field experience, cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Van Gurp offers patient-focused, advanced dental care. Using advanced technology and the latest techniques, Dr. Van Gurp works with each patient to provide the dental care they need to restore their smile. If you have experienced tooth damage, schedule a consultation with Dr. Van Gurp in Charlotte, NC.

Tooth Damage

Tooth damage can occur due to a variety of different factors. Dr. Van Gurp will perform a comprehensive exam during your visit to determine if your tooth damage is a result of a more complex dental problem. For example, he may discover signs of teeth grinding or TMJ. Although patients may experience noticeable symptoms, other times, they may not notice any symptoms at all. Visiting Dr. Van Gurp for preventive care visits allows him to thoroughly examine your teeth and determine what treatment you may need to improve your oral health.

In some cases tooth damage is preventable. We recommend regular visits to our Charlotte, NC dental office and practicing preventive dental care at home. Following a proper oral hygiene routine can help keep your teeth strong and healthy. If you play sports, a custom-made mouthguard that fits properly over your teeth can help protect your teeth and gums during contact sports.

Solutions For Damaged Teeth

Once Dr. Van Gurp examines your smile, he may suggest one or more of these cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry treatments to restore your natural smile.

Don’t wait until your damaged teeth cause a more complex dental problem. Visit Charlotte, NC dentist Dr. Van Gurp for the treatment you need to improve your smile.