Can Adults Get Invisalign, Too?

Enhance your smile with porcelain veneers charlotte ncCrooked or overlapping teeth are more than a cosmetic concern. They can also negatively affect your oral health by changing the stability of your bite. This can lead to all kinds of serious dental issues down the road.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Dr. Richard W Van Gurp is a Charlotte, NC Invisalign® provider offering treatment with clear aligners for a wide range of dental health and cosmetic concerns. Invisalign is a discreet way to straighten your teeth for both adults and teens. The appliance will gently and discreetly reposition your teeth in a little over a year, without significantly impacting your daily activities.

Wearers can still enjoy their favorite foods and easily maintain good oral hygiene with the Invisalign system. The aligners are designed to be worn for about 22 hours a day without irritating the gums or other sensitive areas of the mouth. And they are easy to remove when have to brush your teeth or when it’s time to swap them per your treatment plan.

Am I Too Old For Invisalign?

Even though our teeth have set themselves in place by adulthood, that does not mean you are too old or it’s too late to consider orthodontic treatment to straighten them. Many adults have achieved positive results with braces or Invisalign. Invisalign can be used to address mild to moderate orthodontic issues, and it can also be used to reverse minor tooth movement after previous orthodontic treatment. The system also offers patients options for treating underbite, overbite, and tooth spacing concerns.

Why Should I Straighten My Teeth?

As stated previously, straightening crooked or overlapping teeth is more than a cosmetic procedure. Crooked teeth are more liable to be damaged and suffer decay which may cause more problems in the future. Serious overbite and underbite issues can also affect dental health by changing the stability of your bite,causing such issues as excessive wear on your teeth and jaw pain. Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean with brushing and flossing, thereby reducing your chances of decay and plaque buildup.

Invisalign For Adults in Charlotte, NC

You deserve to feel confident when you smile! If you’re ready to discuss what Invisalign can do for your smile, call (704) 209-9606 to schedule a one-on-one consultation to create your unique treatment plan and discuss budget options or schedule with us online. We work with a variety of patients and budgets, so don’t hesitate to contact our Charlotte, NC office today.