Office Technology Charlotte, NC Dentist

The many technological advancements in dentistry have not only improved the patient experience, they have enabled dentists like Dr. Van Gurp to make more accurate diagnoses and provide dental care that is less painful, less invasive and longer lasting.

We have incorporated many dental technologies into our Charlotte dentist office in an ongoing effort to provide the highest standard of care for our patients with the least amount of discomfort.

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

Dr. Van Gurp is one of the few dentists in Charlotte, North Carolina to offer CEREC technology for same day porcelain dental restorations. Traditionally, it would take two or three visits to fabricate and place a crown, porcelain filling or veneer. Dr. Van Gurp can now offer these treatments in just one visit.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology, allowing Dr. Van Gurp to take a digital impression of the tooth and design a restoration. Using an in-office milling machine, Dr. Van Gurp can fabricate the restoration using high quality, tooth-colored ceramic material.


The Diagnodent laser is a painless scanning device that detects cavities deep in the grooves of the teeth when the cavities are still small, enabling them to be treated early and conservatively.

Laser Dentistry

In treating gum disease, Laser Dentistry is less invasive, more accurate and much more comfortable than traditional periodontal surgery. Laser dentistry often means fewer side effects and less down time for patients.

Dr. Van Gurp also uses the dental laser to accelerate the healing time of cold sores and minimize the symptoms of tooth sensitivity. Laser dentistry is often utilized in cosmetic dentistry treatments for a gum lift or to enhance the appearance of healthy teeth.

The Wand™ – Anxiety Free Dentistry

For many patients, the most fearful part of a dental appointment is not the procedure but what precedes it – the local anesthetic injection. The Wand™ is a revolutionary computerized system of anesthetic delivery that can provide a virtually if not completely painless dental injection. Always committed to his patients’ comfort, Dr. Van Gurp was one the first dentists in the country to use this system when it was introduced in 1997.

The benefits to the patient are evident. A study found that 80% of patients receiving an injection with The Wand™ reported minimal to no pain, compared to 35% of patients that received traditional syringe injections. Our patients who have had injections with the Wand™ have reported similar results. In that same regard, we will make certain your visits to our office also are as comfortable as possible.