Full Mouth Restoration Gallery

Dr. Richard Van Gurp wrote an article for a local Charlotte, NC paper about full-mouth restore with orthodontics. Below is the article along with corresponding photos:


A Vibrant Smile!

When this lovely patient first asked us to improve her smile, she indicated concern that her existing crowns looked old and discolored.

before after

She was looking for a brighter, vibrant and more youthful smile.

As always, we started with a thorough examination, which included a smile analysis to uncover any issues that were affecting her smile and an evaluation of the bite so that we could be assured that any dentistry completed would last.

Once the results of the examination were shared with the patient, we discussed in further detail what it was she was looking for in her new smile.

This is important to us. We want to do everything we can to make certain that once all is said and done, the patient feels they received exactly what they were looking for … or better!

Once we completed our discussion, we both realized that simply placing new crowns was not going to achieve the result she was looking for.

We agreed that the sunken-in look of her back teeth would best be served by first doing orthodontics. We work with some excellent orthodontists who really understand smile design.

Following orthodontics, we were able to place beautiful crowns that really hit the mark in adding fullness to her smile and a youthful look.

We also ensured that her new bite was well balanced. Having had a lot of post-graduate training in the dynamics of the bite, I know very well that a well-balanced bite can make the difference between a new smile and crowns that last and ones that don’t.

All in all, the patient was very pleased with the result. We agreed that in this particular case, first moving the teeth into proper position with orthodontics made a huge difference in the final appearance of her new smile.

If you have concerns about the appearance of your smile or feel that your bite is causing damage to your teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.